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Keeping our Student-Athletes Safe

Trojan community –

After a recent high school principals meeting, I wanted to proactively share information with our community to help our physically-active students become safer during participation in our GHS events – specifically, our students involved in our Physical Education classes and physically-active clubs and sports.

Discussions among principals yielded a sense of an increase in health-related issues and physical injuries among PE students and student-athletes this school year. These range from heat-related concerns, to concussion-like concerns, to actual physical injuries during classes and interscholastic athletic events.

We wanted to stress the importance of having students communicate to a teacher and/or coach immediately if she/he is not feeling well during an activity, or may have experienced an injury. MCPS staff and coaches have the ability to quickly implement interventions and supports to students experiencing illness and/or injuries, therefore, the sooner the staff are aware, the quicker the response to the illness and/or injury.

Additionally, I wanted to some important resources to help keep our families support our physically-active students:

Hydration and Heat-related Illnesses:

NCAA Sport Science Institute Fact Sheet:

Children’s Hospital Association for Young Athletes:

Heat Index:

Head Injuries and Concussions:

MCPS Parent Letter RE: Concussions:

MCPS Concussion Plan:

Concussion Look-Fors:

Information for Parents/Guardians:

Information for Students:

Cardiac-Related Information:



MCPS Health and Safety-Related Presentation:

MCPS Athletics and PE Website resources:

MCPS PE Website:

MCPS Athletics Website:

Additional Information:

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